Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chili DIP

I absolutely have to follow my chili post with the recipe for chili dip, if you can even call it a recipe LOL. It's so freaking good though, it's usually how we eat our chili :) And it's great to take places b/c it is so easy-you can obviously buy canned chili or wendy's chili (not that i have ever done that...) and it's under 5m to make a yum dip.

Chili Dip

8oz cream cheese
1 jar chili, or homemade chili
8oz shredded cheese (cheddar, pepperjack etc)

spread room temp cream cheese on bottom of casserole dish
cover with chili-if using homemade, use as much as you like :)
cover with grated cheese, again to your taste
put in oven 350 til warmed through, ~15-20 and cheese is melted
serve with chips, pitas, whatever!

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