Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Another Job!!!

I decided recently that while I adore teaching and training hooping, the passion for me lies in HOOPING, not in being a FITNESS instructor, kwim? So I have been reevaluating what that means for me/our business etc. I decided I wanted to focus more on the nutrition component for the morbidly obese/those just changing their lifestyles to prioritize healthy eating for the long term. I have many things already in place, as this has been on my heart since I changed my lifestyle-I am in my junior year of completing my degree in Exercise Science with a specialty in nutrition. I am SafeServ certified. I am a certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant. So on and so forth.

Once I decided this (literally last week, I finally just accepted this was on my heart, even though it feels scary, this "unknown"-I know how to be a fitness instructor after almost 4 years!!). It also feels scary because it means I will only teach hoop classes and not contribute towards our business with any of my other certifications, at least regularly (I need to teach Ballerobica to actually make sure I don't enjoy it as much as hoop but guessing probably not...) and again, that change when you are self-employed is scary, at least for me LOL. For someone who's life changes so much, I really fear change. Irony, no?

At any rate, last week I started looking online for any type of jobs that might fit where I want to go, and I don't even have a resume, which is sad (um anyone want to barter and make me an awesome professional one in exchange for a hoop lesson, party or hoop product? :D) but true.

I found an ad which didn't specify a location, and the past 10 times I've emailed anyone about generic vague ads, it's always some "hawk our supplement and make hundreds" kind of thing, which is fine if it worked for you and you believe in it and are passionate about it etc, but it's not for me, so I was like GRRR.

Finally after a few days I got a reply back and it was a REAL person, for a REAL job, a Nutrition Coach at a fitness studio here in ROC. A relatively new one, very thriving, very awesome, ALL the Les Mills classes in the WORLD (K and I are addicts, you know-and the Y only has like 2 types of LM classes, booo! :P)

I emailed back and forth with the manager, and he asked me to come in for an interview this morning. With him and the club owner. Or, what I thought was an interview, and I was so nervous b/c I don't have a ton of experience except my own, and I haven't been on an interview that wasn't of the media variety and never make me nervous LOL for a looooong time.

Sooooo turns out, I got the job. Just like that. It wasn't an interview as much as a brainstorming, session planning, let's get this off the ground meeting.

Um, what?

No, seriously-WHAT?

It was awesome, I absolutely adore this gym (and heck yeah, I get to take LM classes for freeeeee YAY!) and the fact that the owner and manager acknowledge that fitness is great but they have to support their members nutritionally or it's all for naught. They want to put a program and options in place, so their members are successful, and that means all pieces supported-food and exercise. FABULOUS!!!! Not enough fitness companies want to acknowledge that, sadly. Esp in ROC IMO.

So, I am going to support their Biggest Loser program that kicks off in the new year, with workshops, and offer A La Carte packages (like personal training, but personal nutrition!!) to any members that want it-I am going to customize it and make it affordable-differently levels for different prices, I don't want anyone held back b/c of cost, and I will even offer scholarship or some sort of sliding scale if possible. I am going to do food tastings (like I Make awesome healthy black bean brownies and garbanzo bean choc chip cookies and kale smoothies and make them try it-and then tell them what is in it, etc) and so much more.

I have to spend this week getting all my ducks in a row and customizing my package options, prices, services, etc and meet with them again next week to get it approved and move forward!!!

Oh hey, did I mention OMG?!?!?! I just walked in there and had this job?!?!?! That's so bananas and SO God!!! I stepped out in faith, even though it didn't make sense, even though I was nervous and unsure, but I followed my heart and my passion and INSTANTLY it fell into place just like it was supposed to. I am ridiculously excited to begin offering support to the members of this studio, and to round out their committment to a new healthy lifestyle!!

I've kind of had O_o face all day, honestly, like the whole-wait, WHAT?!?!!? over and over, hahaha.

I am very blessed, and I need to always remember to follow my dreams and my heart because it never fails. I believed in myself and what I can offer obese individuals or even those looking for just a little insight, or new recipes or general nutritional support for making healthier nutritional choices, and I am going to be AMAZING!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Week 1-Day 2

Back to typing's food and workout was tough but better than yesterday (er, at least the food since y'know, we were kinda stuck in the car all day and didn't actually workout LOL). Food is HARD, honestly eating so much protein is really hard, just figuring it all out, and finding recipes and such. Let's put it this way, my macros used to be like 60/20/20 for carbs/protein/fat and now it's like protein and carbs have switched spots AHHHH! I feel GOOD though, super full all day, made some awesome egg white oatmeal that I've never had before (creamy) and some yummy cheesy cauliflower soup for dinner. the workout was HARD. I am not a heavy sweaty person except when running hard but wow, this interval training for 40 minutes had me dripping. GROSS. But good. We will see what tomorrow brings!!