Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Week 1-Day 2

Back to typing's food and workout was tough but better than yesterday (er, at least the food since y'know, we were kinda stuck in the car all day and didn't actually workout LOL). Food is HARD, honestly eating so much protein is really hard, just figuring it all out, and finding recipes and such. Let's put it this way, my macros used to be like 60/20/20 for carbs/protein/fat and now it's like protein and carbs have switched spots AHHHH! I feel GOOD though, super full all day, made some awesome egg white oatmeal that I've never had before (creamy) and some yummy cheesy cauliflower soup for dinner. the workout was HARD. I am not a heavy sweaty person except when running hard but wow, this interval training for 40 minutes had me dripping. GROSS. But good. We will see what tomorrow brings!!

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