Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bready Bread Bread

We are having quite a love affair with breads, dough, rolls-it it can be made in our breadmachine, we are addicted.

However as always, I'm striving to make our carb-intake one filled with nutrition without compromising taste.

So far I've been using bread flour, just to get the hang of the machine. However it's pretty nutritionally useless, and so the time has come to kick it to the curb.

Here is what I found in my research of all things bread, I hope it helps some of you out as well.

What matters in making bread is the protein content of the bread. Anything lower than 11% isn't recommended. (The brand I am referencing from here on out is King Arthur-while I assume most flours would be roughly the same, do your own research if you prefer a different brand to make sure)

Bread flour: 12.7%

All Purpose: 11.5%

White Whole Wheat: 13.2%

Cake Flour:
7.0% protein

So I am very excited to try my beloved organic white ww flour and see what happens :) Not to mention some flax, wheat germ, sunflower seeds, and any other whole grain goodies I can get my hands on, mmm.

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