Friday, February 22, 2013

Keep going...

Just stopping by to give a quick update. Things are going well. Into almost week 4, and I am happy with what's been going on-SO HAPPY! I have lost 13lbs in 3 weeks so far, and I expect another pound or so this week too, although I won't be weighing for almost 2 weeks, until we get home from traveling. Which, quite honestly, is sort of freaking me out, HAHA but I look forward to it.

I have been amazingly on plan, I am loving what I am doing right now, it fits so perfectly with my lifestyle and makes my eating plan so not stressful or take more time out of my day, it's delicious and low-maintenance.

We were in Philly this past weekend, in Florida now, and then going back to Philly, then going home (we left our van in Philly and flew to FL). However K is flying to Nashville on Friday for a training and I am flying back to Philly with all 3 kids alone. Good times.

I had one little bit of off plan this past weekend, but it was controlled and I didn't give in to impulse or binge or anything-there is this AMAZING old-fashioned ice cream soda fountain place in Philly that has the most delicious ice cream and ambiance I have ever experienced. And Keith and my gram got sundaes, so I had some bites of their sundaes. I didn't get my own, I didn't overeat, I made the choice to enjoy a few bites of the most amazing ice cream everrrrr. It was worth the splurge. So I feel good about it, and no guilt, or and it didn't knock me off my game.

It is really hard to travel and manage my obesity. I love to eat. Traveling with 3 little kids is hard. It makes me want to take the easy way out, and not eat consistently and/or binge and eat easy, cheap, fast crap. But making the extra effort the past month has been amazing and had great results. I know 13lbs isn't a lot, and you probably can't even tell yet, but the great news is that I am really committed and back on my "A" game this time, and I am so glad.

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