Thursday, August 6, 2009

Zucchini Bread part 2

So I was playing around with my zucchini bread recipe, and here is what I did tonight.

First of all, I used summer squash. Don't really know the difference, but it's yellow, so whatever, wasn't sure if that was ok, but, it was. In case you are a squash dummy like me.

Next, I did 1/2C quinoa flour (on the halved recipe) to pack a nice protein punch in there. OMG Vegetable and protein, and it tastes good??? LOL

Then, I wasn't sure about the quinoa flour, if it'd have a weird taste, and I had no more nuts.

So I had a tiny bit of dark cocoa powder left, and I threw it in the batter (maybe ~1/4C?) and then I had a few dark chocolate chips left (like 20) and I put them in my magic bullet and ground them up kinda fine, to make them go farther. Threw them in.

Um, OMG. It's like a chocolate cupcake but FREE b/c it has veggies and protein, hahaa! It wasn't dense at all (as quinoa flour is wont to do) and is amazingly delicious.

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